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Welcome to Lessons To Fly! Congratulations on your first step towards acquiring your Private Pilot license. Soon you will enjoy the freedom of flying.

Lessons To Fly will help you achieve your goal of acquiring a Private Pilot license in an interactive, fun course. Developed by a professional training team with over 23 years flight instructing experience, we understand the complexities of learning and the intricacies of information absorption. We have thousands of hours of ground training experience and have developed an online training course that will help you easily learn the material. No need to attend a classroom. There is no time limit to complete the course. Study the lessons at your convenience anytime and anywhere. Our students have successfully passed their Private Pilot written exam on a first time, 100% pass rate.

You’re guaranteed to pass your Private Pilot exam with ease using our interactive program learning through reading, watching videos and answering FAA database Private Pilot questions during your lessons. Upon completing the Private Pilot ground course, you will be issued with a Certificate of Completion to attempt your Private Pilot written exam. We are so confident you will pass on a first time basis, in the unfortunate instance that you don’t, we will provide free one on one ground training.

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